Martin Jirsák


I am active person. In addition to consultantind and training, which is dedicated to this web site, I am an external Product Specialist os DISK Multimedia, s.r.o. (local dealer of musical equipment), I am tester for Muzikus (the biggest local magazine for musicians), I am author of several webpages for musicians, I compose music and training assistance dogs. And I have a family!

My motto in the consulting field is: If I know anything, there is no reason why shouldn't the other knows too.

About me

Topics of consultanting and trainings
DAW and other music, and sound software
Virtual instruments
Sound cards and interfaces

Finished courses and certificates
Steinberg Certified Trainer
MAX/MSP, tutor Judy Dunaway 
Orchestration for Film and TV (specialist certificate) on Berklee Music
Mix a Mastering, tutor Jon Murch 
Music for the Media
Audio Institute of America, sound design course
Musician University – Songwriting Basics, Music Producer, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering
Course of modern classical composers, JAMU, tutor Ivo Medek
International Music Master Classes, JAMU, tutor Daniel Forró